You must be a Member to book a space.

Bookings are booked and paid for in two different categories - Open and Closed Bookings.  Please check the below descriptions and book your event under the appropriate category.  

Open Events are those which reflect our core values, of creativity and sustainability, support and build community by inviting other members and the public, and have the potential to build the membership of the Gribblehirst Hub.  They can be free to the public or ticketed.  Open Events will get priority as they meet our Community Objectives.

If you are hosting an Open Event you may choose to publicise on our Website, (please fill in the following form) and link your event to our Facebook Page.  Your event will come under Our Communities, with the details of your Community, and its events.  

Closed Events are those which reflect our core values, but are for Private Use, or Social Enterprise Events.  Closed events are not encouraging Hub Members to join, nor Marketing through our networks.  You may run ticketed events.  

Neither Open nor Closed events can run exclusively, i.e. the relaxed space must always to open to members for use.  The exception to this is on Fridays and Saturdays where the Hub can be exclusively booked only by prior approval of the Trust Board. Exclusive bookings should provide a community outcome.


The Gribblehirst Hub relies on memberships and koha to run and meet our costs. As a part of all bookings, please encourage your guests to leave a donation and invite them to join us.  



Annual Single Membership - $60 per year

Annual Social Enterprise - $120 per year

Single Membership Three Month Trial - $15

Social Enterprise Three Month Trial - $30.

Secondary Key Holder (for enterprise) - $30

This allows entry to the Hub between the hours of 6 am - 11 pm.  Use of spaces that are available.

Booking Fees per hour

If you want to guarantee space for a group activity etc,  it is best to book space.

                                        Open Bookings                       Closed Bookings

Kitchen                                 $10                                      $20

Crafting Tables Area               $7.50                                   $15

Dining/Meeting Table             $7.50                                   $15

All Tables Area                       $15                                     $30

All Tables Area & Kitchen          $25                                     $50


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