Covid 19 Policy

This policy has been written for the Red and Orange settings with the Covid 19 Protection Framework.

The maximum capacity for the Hub at the Orange setting is 150 people.

At the red setting, this is limited to 25. Booking areas will also have a limit on the number of people who can attend. The meeting table allows up to eight people and the craft/cutting tables allows up to 12 people.

  1. Anyone entering the Hub must be fully vaccinated against covid 19, if eligible, before entering. If you are unsure if you can receive the vaccine or not, please discuss this with your GP first and let us know if you are unable to be vaccinated. There are fewer than 100 people who will meet this criterion in all of New Zealand, but we want to make sure that you can use the Hub safely if you are one of them. 

  2. All current and new members are required to complete a new induction with the coordinator and provide confirmation that they are fully vaccinated. This will be verified through the Ministry of Health Covid 19 Vaccine Pass. Regular access to the Hub is only possible once the induction and the vaccine pass has been verified.

  3. If you are unable to be vaccinated, you will need to provide a Ministry of Health approved exemption certificate.

  4. Masks are mandatory for entry to the Hub at Orange and Red. If you are unable to wear a mask, please contact us directly to discuss this. Children under the age of 12 are strongly encouraged to wear masks.

  5. Anyone entering the Hub is required to sanitise their hands after sign in and on sign out.

  6. Every person who visits the Hub must ensure that at least four windows are open while they are onsite. This ensures good ventilation which is especially important as the door must be closed to prevent unauthorised access.

  7. Regardless of being vaccinated if you have been sick in the last 14 days do not enter the Hub unless you are no longer symptomatic and have had a negative covid 19 test.

  8. Masks and a valid covid-19 vaccine pass are required to run and attend activities and events organised on the commons. The organiser of the activity or event is required to check these through the vaccine pass and ensure that everyone in attendance has signed in. This includes all groups with a MOU to operate on the commons such as Tumeke and people visiting Tumeke.

  9. The front door to the Hub is to be kept closed. We will need to welcome guests individually as hosts at the Hub.

  10. Hub members hosting guests, activities, events, or gatherings are required to ensure that their guests, if eligible, are fully vaccinated using the vaccine pass verifier. The Hub member who is acting as host is responsible for checking and verifying that every guest has been fully vaccinated.

  11. It is the responsibility of Hub members hosting guests (such as event/activity organisers) to ensure that each guest signs in using our required methods. We require everyone to sign into our system. This covers contact tracing requirements for those unable to use the covid tracer app. We strongly encourage everyone to use the covid tracer app also if you can.

  12. As a Hub member hosting a guest you are responsible for them and that they are following the code of conduct.

  13. All cups, plates, cutlery etc must be put through the steriliser after use -, if you have not done this before, please schedule a time with the coordinator to be shown how to do this.

  14. It is a mandatory requirement that users of the Hub wipe down all surfaces used before leaving with the anti-bacterial spray and wipe provided. If you are running a group activity or event you are also required to wipe down high traffic areas before leaving (examples of high traffic areas are door handles, fridge doors etc).